The ULSOM Student Blog is an opportunity for medical students to learn from one another what it’s really like to be in medical school. How does it feel to first set foot into the anatomy lab? What is it like to stitch up my first patient? What kinds of opportunities are there for me to get involved – in global health, in business in medicine, in medical education, in student leadership? Do I have to do research the summer after my first year? How do I maintain my relationship with my significant other while maintaining my grades?

Medical school is a journey and each student’s experience is unique. The ULSOM Student Blog aims to provide information from students to students on a wide variety of topics – from student life to study tips. It’s an opportunity for first and second year students to learn about a day in the life of a third year student going through clerkship rotations; for third year students to learn about the residency application and interview process directly from fourth year students; for our mentors, family, and friends to hear some of the amazing stories we have to share. Please continue reading as we share with you our journey from students to physicians.


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